At Fuzzy Feet we currently offer grooming to only small breeds up to 25lb, our services include hair cutting, ear cleaning, nail trimming, bathing, brushing, gland expression and de-matting. We select pet friendly products to groom your dog and we take great care in deciding what will suit your dog by offering guidance to owners along with helping owners to understand the need of their dogs.
Your dog will feel refreshed and relaxed with our services along with having a proper look after its hair and nails are done. Because we know there is nothing better than picking up our baby that is clean, smells great and is soft to the touch. Remember our goal is for your pet to have a pleasant experience. If we encounter difficulties we will do what we can without causing further stress. So please let us know if your pet needs special attention in this area.

Full Groom – Includes a bath with IV San Bernard shampoo and conditioner, towel/forced air dried, ears cleaned/plucked, nails trimmed and file, anal gland expressed and your choice of hair style.
Bath – Includes a bath with IV San Bernard shampoo and conditioner, towel/force air dried, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed and sanitary trimmed.
Other options
Anal Expression
Nails trimmed and filed
Flea and Tick control
De-Skunking – We offer a bath in de skunking shampoo, however we cannot guarantee the odor will be completely gone this depends on how much the pet was sprayed.