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The Top Tips on Reducing Your Pet’s Holiday Stress

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What do you get when you mix the fact that 44 percent of homeowners host holiday parties with the fact that 36.5 percent of homeowners own dogs? A big dose of pet holiday stress!

Nationally, nearly 70 million domesticated dogs are sitting ducks during November and December. They have no choice but to handle all the activity and some of them do it very poorly.

Dog owners, who aren’t going to kennel their dogs during Christmas parties, need to put some important strategies into action. Otherwise, their furry friends may need a visit to the vet by the time New Year’s Day rolls around.

Want to hold a party with your dog present? Try these best practices.

Think Like You’re a Dog

Dogs see the world very differently than humans. Nature intended for them to have superior hearing and smelling abilities. (They can smell at least 10,000 times better than their owners.) Those same pros can be cons during parties.

To minimize your dog’s potential distress, keep the music low and the scents limited. Each holiday guest will bring his or her unique smell to the mix, which is more than enough to peak a pooch’s interest.

Greet People With an Open Door

If possible, keep your front door open and the screened or glass door shut. That way, people can come into your home without ringing the bell or knocking.

Not sure this can work for the way your house is set up? Consider putting a note on the door instead advising visitors to come in and join the party rather than adding bells and knocking to the chatter.

Keep Your Dog Separate from Partiers

Some dogs love to be where the action is and rarely experience holiday stress by being around strangers. Others prefer a much calmer environment.

Does your dog fit in the second category? Put him or her in a comfortable, warm room that’s as far away from your party as you can. It’s fine to bring the dog out periodically (if you think it’s a good idea), but always allow him or her to recharge back in the quiet room.

Take Your Best Friend for a Pre-Party Walk

Never underestimate the power of a pre-party walk for your furry pal.

A walk not only allows your dog to get rid of excess energy, but it’s a good time for the two of you to share bonding moments. Plus, your dog will be more likely to feel tired by the evening.

Pamper to Relieve Holiday Stress

Still feel like your dog is acting stressed out after a holiday party? Take him or her to the groomer for some pampering.

Just like humans, dogs appreciate a little “spa treatment.” Nothing is as soothing as being fussed over and cared for in a loving environment by professionals.

Pets Deserve Fun Holidays, Too

Why make the holiday season a time of anxiousness for the dog in your life when you can prevent it?

Show your pets the caring they deserve and make sure their holidays are merry and bright… not to mention stress-less.

Speaking of November and December, be certain to check out our blog on pet safety tips for the season!

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